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President Ceausescu of Romania arrives in London for a four-day State Visit to be greeted by Her Majesty the Queen and other members of the Royal Family. On the second day of the visit he meets Prime Minister Callaghan at No 10 Downing Street.

5 februarie 2018


Date: 25/06/1978

TS Victoria Station – train pulls in. The Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Captain Mark Phillips & Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester. MS Queen & Duke walk towards train. MS Chiefs of Staff Armed Forces. MS Queen and Duke meet President & Madame Ceausescu – President shakes hand with Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Mark Phillips and the Duchess of Gloucester. CU ‘Romania’ plaque. MS Queen walking with President pull back to guards in front of Victoria Station. TS guard. TS same present arms. TS guards. MS Queen & President. MS Madame Elena Ceausescu with Prince Philip. MS people at side of road with banner „Welcome British Romanian Friendship Association – Bun Venit”. MS royal landau pulled by 6 Windsor Greys pulls up. MS crowd. MS Queen in carriage with President pull back. MS Madame Ceausescu with Prince Philip. MCU horseman puts on hat. MS Queen’s carriage pulls away – zoom into President and crowds waving. MS crowd. MLS guards on horseback up Mall. MS Romanian flags. GV pan and zoom into carriage with President waving. MS guards on horseback. MS Queen’s carriage into Buckingham Palace. MCU guards. MLS Queen’s carriage pulls into grand entrance Buckingham Palace. MS ditto. CU breastplate of guard. MS guards. MS Prince Philip, Madame Ceausescu and President and the Queen talking. MS faces of guards. MS President & Queen followed by Duke and Madame Ceausescu. GV exterior Buckingham Palace. MS Beefeater. Interior Buckingham Palace with Queen, President, Duke and Madame Ceausescu. GV exterior Downing Street. CU sign ‘Downing Street’. MS limousine pulls up outside No 10 – President Ceausescu steps out and is greeted by Prime Minister James Callaghan. MS interior No 10. Mr Callaghan & President by fireplace. MCU same shake hands. MS Callaghan & President walk out of room.

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